Vacherin aux Marrons


    Now can comment! : )

    This cake is interesting with brandy in it. I think I will like it! : )


    It's good to know the comment works already! I honestly had a hard time figuring out the name for this cake, it's good by it's looks but so foreign to me! haha I got these recipes from a classic desserts book.

    A hint of brandy in cakes tastes good.


    i had trouble commenting too. now that the problem is gone, the cake still do such a great job at seducing me! :p


    I wonder what's wrong with this one? I'm glad you were able to leave a comment now Levian. Thanks for trying again! =D


    oh my, the dessert looks yummylicious. :)


    This cake actually intrigues me, I wonder how it really tastes. I admit I'm not into baking cakes...I prefer the no bake cakes (ref cakes) that's why I just can't figure out. Any of you guys bake cakes?


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