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    this taste yummy!


    Oh yeah, I love tiramisu!

    happy weekend and thanks for dropping by =)


    oh! i love tiramisu...simple to do yet heavenly in your mouth...uhhhh!



    My sister made her version of tiramisu before and it turned out so good =)



    ha!ha!ha1...i made one a couple of weeks ago. just the basic recipe, turns out ok!

    if only we are neighbor i will give you some.ops! hope its ok for luscious treats were havong a little chat...ha!ha!ha1



    even if it's a long chat it's ok! I won't mind at all =)

    How I wish you're my neighbor too same with betchai and the rest. I bet we'll all be sharing foods all the time!



    first, congrats! just read youre expecting a bundle of joy! so, happy for you girl!

    to be honest, it was only when my little girl hits 2 years old that i forced myself to cook. before then i dont know how the hubby and i survived ten years of take aways and sometimes my unedible dish...ha!ha!ha!


    Thanks Eng =) it's my first =)

    you've got to be kidding! 10yrs of take outs and no real cooking? Good thing I love to cook so I've been cooking since i came here. It's good that you're really cooking now because it's a healthier way of living. You know junkies here...



    your first! wow,exciting days ahead! hope that morning sickness and the likes be kind with you,as it was with me.

    i'm off to bed now..night, night!



    good thing the morning sickness didn't bother me much just moderate =) I'll be asking you guys for advice once I need, i hope it's ok.

    have a goodnight rest!! thanks!


    Hello! From Malaysia heree.. :D

    I'm tempted to try my hand at cooking, myself. But.. I'm always so busy. =/

    Okay. During the holidays.

    I will try to cook. :D




    thanks for the visit!

    now that i'm married despite the busy sched i still have to give time cooking =)


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