I love to cook. I also love to watch cooking shows, try new recipes, and have friends over for the event. There are many cooking shows I love to watch. I think my favorite though would have to be the southern cooking shows.

Being from the south myself, I can relate to the cooking methods, canning, and freezing of foods. My favorite southern cooking person would have to be Jack Daniels. I have one of his cook books and it’s fabulous. The recipes are outstanding and easy to follow. When I cook new recipes, I like to use the cook books and have my recipe come out looking just like the pictures. And if I happen to find a recipe on the internet, I try to do the same.

Cooking is an art. You have to love it to be good at it. Creating new foods, preparing the dish, it all comes into place perfectly when the food looks like the picture. When watching cooking shows my Satellite TV that I got from www.TVByDirect.com, the options are endless. There are so many different shows out there to choose from.

Fresh vegetables are better to cook with. They taste so much better than anything frozen or canned. It’s like the flavor of the food just bursts out into your mouth. I believe as long as you can read, you can cook.

Guest post written by Jenny Brower


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