Post Break: Cookies Galore!

I love holidays for one sole reason, baking. On Christmas its tree shaped cookies and platters, Thanksgiving is turkey and pie and Halloween it is candy and delicious cookies! This year I went all out for my baking session, I set up an old Halloween movie on one of the channels from ExpertSatellite local channels list, bought a bottle of wine and took out 10 cookie sheets! My husband never seems to want to indulge in this fall activity with me but I happen to enjoy it very much.

I always make a tray of ghosts, 2 of witches, 2 of goblins and the rest pumpkins. While the cookies are baking I mix up two batches of orange and yellow frosting for the cookie toppings. Once the cookies are fully cooked I add a light coating of frosting and a pinch of sprinkles for decoration. The cookies always turn out fabulous and truly tasty. Next year I think I might switch to either cupcakes or pumpkin seeds. I heard pumpkin seeds are quick, easy and very delicious! Although my husband might not like the switch, I think it is time for one!

Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez


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