Getting my daughter into the kitchen to help cook healthy, fun meals are so important to me. The time we spend together is so special, and being able to teach her new and innovative recipes I have gathered is just another perk. Recently, I was watching a wonderful cooking show on satellite TV from and found a new recipe for us to try together. The result was a fantastic, fresh and healthy dessert the entire family loved. My 5 year old daughter face lit up as her father and grandfather praised her wonderful cooking abilities. It was wonderful to see the pride and self-esteem we had created in her together, through some kitchen bonding, raspberry sorbet, whipped cream and fat free vanilla pudding.

First, I had my daughter help me take out a carton of raspberry sorbet. We let it sit and thaw while we talked about her day at preschool and discussed the new colors she was learning about. We compared the pink shade of the raspberry sorbet to her favorite pink stuffed piglet. When the sorbet was soft, we spooned it into a foil lined loaf pan. We then mixed together a 12 ounce container of whipped cream, the fat free vanilla pudding and one cup of milk until it was thick and frothy. We then spooned the mixture over the top of the raspberry sorbet and placed it in the freezer for three hours, or until it was firm. My daughter and I then removed the dessert, turned it over so the foil side faced up, peeled the foil wrapping off, and voila, there was a beautiful raspberry dessert. We topped with additional fresh raspberries and served it after dinner. It was a hit!

The article written by Landon Gilbert


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