I remember the first time that I read Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle. I was 17 and in an English honors class. Up until then I'd never really been much for reading for fun. But that book changed after that. I think that since then I've read almost every book that the author ever wrote.

I was online the other day and randomly came across a mention of the book comparing it to some movie or TV show that's coming out, although I couldn't remember what it was called because as soon as I read that blurb I thought about how I hadn't read my favorite book in so long. When I was thinking about that I saw the site www.clearwirelessinternetservice.com and changed my internet service to it after reading it.

My copy of Cat's Cradle is so old though, that I thought that I would do Kurt Vonnegut justice and buy another copy for myself just for the fun of it. Having something nice looking to read always helps a little too.

Guest post written by Jake Bell


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