Real cranberry sauce

Growing up, when we had cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, it always came out of a can and stayed in the shape of the can until we sliced it. Then when I went to Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family back when we were engaged, I had cranberry sauce that was homemade for the first time. I didn't even believe that it was cranberry sauce at first!

Ever since then I've banned the canned cranberry sauce from our Thanksgiving meals. I thought that I would do something different this year and find a different homemade cranberry sauce recipe, so I used my Clear Internet Bundle to look up some recipes.

I found this great sounding apple cranberry sauce recipe that I'm going to use. It looks like it's just as easy to make as regular homemade cranberry sauce, except you add a little bit of apple into it, which isn't really all that hard to do. I think that it will be really neat and maybe some people that are still a little cranberry sauce shy would be willing to try it.

Guest post written by Janice Brown


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