It's just not Christmas if I haven't sat down and enjoyed The Bishop's Wife. As it happens, I just did that a few days back when it aired on satellite TV from I'll watch it again if they replay it, too.

The Bishop's Wife is a truly fantastic holiday film. It's a comedy and a drama both, with a touch of romance and a smidgen of magic. It's beautiful.

I've seen the promotional reel that the producers used to tease viewers to watch, calling the movie a man's film and a woman's movie. They were right because there really is something for everyone in this favorite of mine.

The suave and oh-so-handsome Cary Grant had the lead role as Dudley, an angel, who is sent to answer the prayer of the bishop, played by David Niven. The bishop has become a little too focused on his desire to get a new church built and is neglecting his lovely wife and daughter. Dudley recognizes this and uses it to reach the bishop.

The wife is portrayed by Loretta Young. She's perfect for the part, and she has a great rapport with Grant. It was on screen magic.

The one element of the film that takes me out of the story is the ice skating scene, only because it's so obviously fake. Other than that, it's pure magic.

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