The Nativity story is a gripping retelling of how Mary came to be the mother of Jesus. It depicts the town where she lived, and the day to day duties she had to perform before she was entrusted with the heavenly child. This movie even integrates how Elizabeth came to be pregnant with John The Baptist. It shows how John's father rejected a position in the church after having a vision of the two children about to be born.
My church group and I watch this movie every holiday season on the religion channels. It first airs shortly after Thanksgiving, but one can also catch a viewing of it shortly before Christmas. The high definiton and surround sound compatibility of my satalite specials and big screen tv, makes this moving movie even more heart touching.
Mary struggles with fact that her husband is not the father of her child. She is ostracized by her community and even her family. It is Joseph that ends up defending her and coming to love the child she is carrying. A compelling movie that demonstrates the difficulties our mother in heaven had with being vested with the blessing of birthing the savior of the world. Even beside the strongly religious undertone of the movie, it is one that every family would enjoy during the holiday season.
Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney


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