New Years Eve TV is watching the ball drop in time square. Thanks to satellite TV from, I can see great performances and crowds all over the world. But oddly enough, my TV tradition started way back in the days when Dick Clark was THE man to see the year come in.

That year, my mother and her friends were discussing the beauty of Finland. The TV screen glittered with the lights and the movement of the crowds. They talked of ice cliffs and choppy blue-grey seas at the crowd said "Ten!" It was so close to the new year!

"Nine!, Eight!" ice clinked in glasses and the front door opened, a cool wind rubbing fast over my skin. A chilled breeze had my imagination me on the bow of a boat in the Northern sea, salty spray in my face.

"Seven!, Six!, Five!" brought me back to my living room... The breeze was real. My brother was home. Mom stood up and hugged him as Dick Clark opened his arms to show the size of the crowd... by "Four!" everyone was on their feet, welcoming my brother home from duty.

So this year, as it counts down to midnight, I'll be in my living room watching the ball drop in Time Square, hearing "Three!, Two!, One!" and happy to have my family safe at home.

This guest post from Doris Dillon


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