Which coffee chain do my fellow readers think are the best? Two of my friends swear it's Starbuck's one swears it's Caribou Coffee, another is claiming it's Seattle's Best. I guess everyone has there own opinion, but I'm stumped. I really don't want to stay home today and finish this English report, but I don't want to be drinking crappy coffee in an overcrowded cafe either. Starbuck's tends to be the most popular in the area, so it will most definitely be crowded, I guess I'll try and avoid that place, at least for today.

Well I guess I'll try Caribou Coffee since my friend swears they have the extra creamy texture in there coffee. Maybe it's just what I need to get over the “writer's block”, that's preventing my report from getting finished.

Then again, maybe I can find a local coffee house, that's not part of a big franchise. I find those places are usually the ones with exceptional coffee blends. I'll figure this out soon, but for now I have to sign off and set my home security alarm (Home security system), and then decide for myself where the best place is to get coffee in this town.

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder


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