Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

The other day, I was watching CLEAR TV and a movie came on for its thirty year anniversary that I had never seen. I have to say that I am ashamed that I have never seen “Fried Green Tomatoes”. Of course, I have always heard that it is one of the best movies ever, a Southern Cult Classic. I have seen the other Southern Cult Classics like “Steele Magnolias”, but never got the chance to see “Fried Green Tomatoes”. I feel like I never watched it because my Mom always told me that it was sad and I tend to cry (well not just cry, bawl) at movies. My husband thinks that my crying at movies is ridiculous. Anyway, I just didn’t know what I was missing. It was a great movie. It also had one of my favorite actresses, Kathy Bates. The funny thing is that the girls go to a trial in Valdosta, Georgia. Valdosta is my husband’s home town. I love the movie and will definitely be ordering the DVD.


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