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It’s been a so long now that the economy has been struggling to recover from a relentless recession and every family has to look at ways to survive in these challenging times. My sister and I are no different and we have begun searching for ways to save cash without a huge sacrifice to our roommate lifestyle. We are leaving no stone unturned and these are a couple of examples of how we are being pro-active in making big changes in our spending. We are both big consumers in the home, & we are learning to plan our shopping trips with precision and discipline. Sticking to the list and checking local San Antonio grocer’s ads are important to getting the biggest bang for college students buck. We have also tackled the energy efficiency aspect of our home. New weather stripping, caulking & insulation are top priority on our dads list of helpful things . We also contacted San Antonio electric company rates and was surprised how competitive the rates were. It was yet another way to hold onto a few extra bucks during these tough economic times. Learning to live with a budget is an ever-changing experience for us, but we are dedicated and a positive attitude is the key component.


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