Iced Summer Salad

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Summer in Texas is one of those things you have a really hard time explaining to other people if they haven’t experienced it, you know what I mean? People who live up north think they know what 100 degrees feels like but they don’t really until they’ve also experienced it with 100% humidity as well. Since I grew up here I knew what weather to expect this summer but it was still a shock when that first really hot day hit.

I went to since my sister told me about it and it’s really helped with those astronomical heating and air bills I get here. I love this time of year, though, because I get to go hang out with my friends at the river and play at all the rooftop bars which are things I look forward to all year when the weather is cold! I love being a Texan and I wouldn’t have it any other way but I’ll be really glad when another cold front comes through, that’s for sure!

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