Creamy Berries

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Guest post written by Rick Black

When I was much younger, the last thing that I would have dreamed of doing was to go to the ballet. I've never liked dancing that much in general. But then you get married and have little girls and things really change. When my girls were younger, we would take them to the ballet sometimes, especially to see The Nutcracker. But the only ballet that I've ever seen that I actually liked is The Nutcracker.

It's been years since we've gone as a family to go and see it together, but I thought that it might be fun to go as part of mine and my wife's Christmas present to our children. While I was online finding some information about buying tickets, I saw the site and decided to go and get fitted with some hearing aids to make the holidays more enjoyable.

I tracked down the tickets for them and we're going to go and see the play while my girls are in town for the holidays. I hope that they like my surprise for them!

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