New Years Eve TV is watching the ball drop in time square. Thanks to satellite TV from, I can see great performances and crowds all over the world. But oddly enough, my TV tradition started way back in the days when Dick Clark was THE man to see the year come in.

That year, my mother and her friends were discussing the beauty of Finland. The TV screen glittered with the lights and the movement of the crowds. They talked of ice cliffs and choppy blue-grey seas at the crowd said "Ten!" It was so close to the new year!

"Nine!, Eight!" ice clinked in glasses and the front door opened, a cool wind rubbing fast over my skin. A chilled breeze had my imagination me on the bow of a boat in the Northern sea, salty spray in my face.

"Seven!, Six!, Five!" brought me back to my living room... The breeze was real. My brother was home. Mom stood up and hugged him as Dick Clark opened his arms to show the size of the crowd... by "Four!" everyone was on their feet, welcoming my brother home from duty.

So this year, as it counts down to midnight, I'll be in my living room watching the ball drop in Time Square, hearing "Three!, Two!, One!" and happy to have my family safe at home.

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Gooseberry Fool

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The Nativity story is a gripping retelling of how Mary came to be the mother of Jesus. It depicts the town where she lived, and the day to day duties she had to perform before she was entrusted with the heavenly child. This movie even integrates how Elizabeth came to be pregnant with John The Baptist. It shows how John's father rejected a position in the church after having a vision of the two children about to be born.
My church group and I watch this movie every holiday season on the religion channels. It first airs shortly after Thanksgiving, but one can also catch a viewing of it shortly before Christmas. The high definiton and surround sound compatibility of my satalite specials and big screen tv, makes this moving movie even more heart touching.
Mary struggles with fact that her husband is not the father of her child. She is ostracized by her community and even her family. It is Joseph that ends up defending her and coming to love the child she is carrying. A compelling movie that demonstrates the difficulties our mother in heaven had with being vested with the blessing of birthing the savior of the world. Even beside the strongly religious undertone of the movie, it is one that every family would enjoy during the holiday season.
Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney


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Post Break: Keeping It Clean

It's very important to keep the kitchen most especially the working area clean to avoid contaminating our foods. Germs and bacterias can spoil foods which can make us sick. That's why maintaining a clean and healthy home is a must to better safeguard our health.

Do it yourself carpet cleaning can be a good start to remove all the dust accumulated in the carpet fibers. This is essential in taking away the dust allergens that will be flying all over your home. Though doing the cleaning yourself can be a practical option, having the works done by professionals can make things a lot easier for you.

The kitchen where food is being prepared is a more delicate place. Glass tile cleaning austin and ceramic tile sealing austin are the kind of works which will require more professional touch. Keeping it clean will make cooking and baking more enjoyable for anyone!

Eve's Pudding

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Post Break: On CCNA

Getting certifications and certain training can help you land to your dream job. Chicago CCNA & San Diego CCNA training program provides extra training especially designed for computer professionals who want to acquire specific skills to be able to configure, install and know how network systems work.

Cisco career certifications have five levels of cerification such as entry, associate, professional, expert and architect. Each and every position or level has corresponding protocol. The Virginia Cisco Course (Virginia MCITP) aims to train professionals with a deeper knowledge of networking systems. This trained and certified professional should know routing & switching, design, network security, service provider, storage networking and so.

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Post Break: Burberry

Berries are the things I think of when I hear to read the brand Burberry. It actually sounds yummy to me. At the back of my head it's like a luscious berry treat that I can eat.

Speaking of treats, as tasty as it sounds this brand is actually something that you can call a treat. Not the sweet and yummy type but something you'll feel so sweet about when you get it as a treat. Who wouldn't want the sweet elegance and style of Burberry?

Burberry has a wide selection of shoes for all seasons and occasions. It's time to give your lovely feet a sweet treat!

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

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During the past few years, I've found that Black Friday usually only involves major chains. So I've basically narrowed down most of my Black Friday shopping down to Walmart. It's just too much of a pain in the neck for me to spend all day hitting store after store and I've found that I can get most of the goods I'm looking for from there.

Last year I was able to pick up clothes, jewelry, baby gear, toys, music, books, electronics, home items, furniture, health or beauty essentials, movies, video games and sports equipment all from Walmart. Obviously, this diversity in goods brings about many more consumers and the place is pretty packed, but it's worth the time saved from not having to drive out to individual specialty stores. Since they leaked the ads early this year, I've pretty much already planned out which aisles I'll go through and in what order.

I went with my husband in prior years, but I'll probably make the trek without him this year so that my husband won't have to take the day off. My eldest daughter has offered to come with me, but I'd rather have her be at home to watch over the other kids. I'll probably only be gone for a few hours, but I plan on setting my home security alarm from either way just to be safe.

The article written by Joann Golden

Chocolate Cheesecake

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Post Break: Scrubs

In cooking or baking we need to use an apron to keep our clothes protected from getting dirty with the foods. Some ingredients can leave a tough stain on clothes and you wouldn't want that nice top to be ruined with food stain.

Just like cooking & baking, in medical field wearing scrubs is a must. Medical scrubs can serve as a protective layer of clothing. It is very common to see people wearing scrubs not only in medical field but other institutions as well. Buying scrubs online in scrubs stores have cute and funky designs unlike the same old plain scrubs.

Winter Fruit Salad

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Katy Perry's hot and cold song is the perfect description of the weather we're experiencing here. One day it's hot and the next day it's cold. Last Saturday was very fine day with abundant sunshine then Sunday was a rainy and gloomy. One week it's nice and sunny then expect the next week to be cold.

It's hard to predict what can be the next day's weather unless you tune in the weather forecast and that's the most that you'll know. Those who are still having the last hangover of summer can still enjoy Myrtle Beach best hotels and book in Myrtle Beach hotel. Though beach isn't the ideal place for cool fall breeze, other places and activities like golfing & city stroll can be something fun to do. Engaging to outdoor sports activities can make cold days hotter than ever.

To see what fall and winter in Myrtle has to offer, check out Hot or cold, for sure there are activities which can suit your fancy.

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Real cranberry sauce

Growing up, when we had cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, it always came out of a can and stayed in the shape of the can until we sliced it. Then when I went to Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family back when we were engaged, I had cranberry sauce that was homemade for the first time. I didn't even believe that it was cranberry sauce at first!

Ever since then I've banned the canned cranberry sauce from our Thanksgiving meals. I thought that I would do something different this year and find a different homemade cranberry sauce recipe, so I used my Clear Internet Bundle to look up some recipes.

I found this great sounding apple cranberry sauce recipe that I'm going to use. It looks like it's just as easy to make as regular homemade cranberry sauce, except you add a little bit of apple into it, which isn't really all that hard to do. I think that it will be really neat and maybe some people that are still a little cranberry sauce shy would be willing to try it.

Guest post written by Janice Brown

What does direct tv has to offer compared to the traditional cable everybody used to enjoy?

Directv has been rapidly reaching the households for its more affordable rate than other providers. It has a larger number of high definition channels with more enhanced and clearer picture quality than the usual cable. The directv packages truly are very much tempting for those who are after more quality tv viewing experience.

Sports fans can enjoy more of the live game telecast whether it's internationally televised. Though this can be viewed also through the cable, sadly the prices for the sports subscription packages can be way higher than directv. Of course with the current economic situation, everybody would want to save more in every possible way while still enjoying simple pleasures and luxuries in life.

Spice Pears

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I remember the first time that I read Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle. I was 17 and in an English honors class. Up until then I'd never really been much for reading for fun. But that book changed after that. I think that since then I've read almost every book that the author ever wrote.

I was online the other day and randomly came across a mention of the book comparing it to some movie or TV show that's coming out, although I couldn't remember what it was called because as soon as I read that blurb I thought about how I hadn't read my favorite book in so long. When I was thinking about that I saw the site and changed my internet service to it after reading it.

My copy of Cat's Cradle is so old though, that I thought that I would do Kurt Vonnegut justice and buy another copy for myself just for the fun of it. Having something nice looking to read always helps a little too.

Guest post written by Jake Bell

Caribbean Bananas

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Post Break: Luscious Start

Every business needs some form of advertising to get it started. Just like what we did for our homemade chocolates before that we sold during the holidays and Valentines. It's hard to tell whether a business will be known just by letting it sit and wait til somebody actually discovers about it. Advertising agency can help with less effort on your part but rest assured your business will be broadcast to many.

Same thing with Luscious Treats, it took quite a good amount of effort to keep it going. At first I thought this blog won't even be recognized much by others but that proved me wrong. I am happy to share whatever I have here to all. For me it's such a pleasure to be in the kitchen therefore seeing how many people gets influenced here makes me feel happy.

Banana Whip

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Post Break: Perfect Score

Having an excellent or perfect credit score is not very impossible. All that's needed is discipline and management. It is very easy for those who have such good scores to get loans and mortgages. If one has a good score rating then it will give more credibility making the loaners, banks and creditors trust you.

I personally have a good credit score and doing my best to keep it on the right track so by the time we are ready for our house purchase, we won't be much worried with our mortgage. Building it up is not that hard because I only spend what I need and what I can afford to pay. This is one key to get perfect credit scores.

St. Clement's Ice Cream

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Post Break: Cookies Galore!

I love holidays for one sole reason, baking. On Christmas its tree shaped cookies and platters, Thanksgiving is turkey and pie and Halloween it is candy and delicious cookies! This year I went all out for my baking session, I set up an old Halloween movie on one of the channels from ExpertSatellite local channels list, bought a bottle of wine and took out 10 cookie sheets! My husband never seems to want to indulge in this fall activity with me but I happen to enjoy it very much.

I always make a tray of ghosts, 2 of witches, 2 of goblins and the rest pumpkins. While the cookies are baking I mix up two batches of orange and yellow frosting for the cookie toppings. Once the cookies are fully cooked I add a light coating of frosting and a pinch of sprinkles for decoration. The cookies always turn out fabulous and truly tasty. Next year I think I might switch to either cupcakes or pumpkin seeds. I heard pumpkin seeds are quick, easy and very delicious! Although my husband might not like the switch, I think it is time for one!

Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez


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Getting my daughter into the kitchen to help cook healthy, fun meals are so important to me. The time we spend together is so special, and being able to teach her new and innovative recipes I have gathered is just another perk. Recently, I was watching a wonderful cooking show on satellite TV from and found a new recipe for us to try together. The result was a fantastic, fresh and healthy dessert the entire family loved. My 5 year old daughter face lit up as her father and grandfather praised her wonderful cooking abilities. It was wonderful to see the pride and self-esteem we had created in her together, through some kitchen bonding, raspberry sorbet, whipped cream and fat free vanilla pudding.

First, I had my daughter help me take out a carton of raspberry sorbet. We let it sit and thaw while we talked about her day at preschool and discussed the new colors she was learning about. We compared the pink shade of the raspberry sorbet to her favorite pink stuffed piglet. When the sorbet was soft, we spooned it into a foil lined loaf pan. We then mixed together a 12 ounce container of whipped cream, the fat free vanilla pudding and one cup of milk until it was thick and frothy. We then spooned the mixture over the top of the raspberry sorbet and placed it in the freezer for three hours, or until it was firm. My daughter and I then removed the dessert, turned it over so the foil side faced up, peeled the foil wrapping off, and voila, there was a beautiful raspberry dessert. We topped with additional fresh raspberries and served it after dinner. It was a hit!

The article written by Landon Gilbert

Stawberries in White Wine

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Post Break: Oil & Wellness

Just like in baking or cooking we use oils and butter and at most cases we opt for healthier options. Having delicious and tasty pastries and foods don't need to be unhealthy. It's just a matter of substituting ingredients to come up with a heart friendly recipe.

Aside from healthy cooking, it's good to infuse some natural oils to help keep a healthy body. Like oregano oil which is nature's antibiotic. It has been known to have a good antifungal and antibacterial elements which is also great for treating food poisoning. Oregano as we all know is commonly used in cooking. Vitamin D is also very essential for the body and with the help of Bio D-Mulsion, calcium absorption can be further enhanced. his will keep bones healthier and well strengthened.

Food is not only to keep us satisfied with our cravings but most especially to function as our body's fuel. It can either do good or bad to one's body.

Post Break: On Queue

Yummy treats are always in demand and you'll often see cake and specialty stores, ice cream parlors, chocolate shops, yogurt places and other food establishments always packed up with many people. There's no surprise to that because it's hard to resist indulging with such luscious treats.

These places usually have long queue, falling in line is a must to get those tasty treats. This is when crowd control like barricades, stanchions and velvet ropes come in handy in keeping a well orderly queue. This way people won't pass and get in the line, first come first serve basis can be well observed.

Brown Sugar Bananas

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Post Break: On Mesothelioma

Everything should be in moderation because too much of anything is always bad. Just like having too much sugar, this can lead to Diabetis in time. What's bad is it takes long before such disease gets diagnosed. Same thing goes with Mesothelioma disease. Asbestos might be everywhere but if exposed greatly in high concentration of asbestos dust and fibers, it can result to such unfortunate illness.

What could be any worse than getting an illness from where you earn a living? This situation is not too far from reality, it actually happens. If in any case you got affected by the disease within work premises, fight for your right. Seek professional help and advice from a Mesothelioma lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the disease and how to deal with it in legal terms. That Mesothelioma attorney can help contribute for you to regain back your life.

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Post Break: On Direct TV

The television is one big influence with my cooking these days. Before I hated doing desserts and baking because I simply don't have the patience to wait til the baking's done. After having been exposed to a lot of cooking shows for the past months, I finally have more interest in dessert making. In fact I have been baking lately and will even do something special for my husband's birthday.

I thank LocalTV-Satellite for bringing Direct TV into our home. We have more channels to see which means more recipes for me to try and enjoy. In time I can even upgrade to have the capacity to record the shows that I love which can serve as my guide when I try on working with new dishes. I just need to check to see current offers and see what it can do for me.

Brown Bread Ice Cream

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Chefs have good and very presentable uniforms, the cut, form and design simply make them look sophisticated. I guess every uniform has to make us look our best, this way we can confidently face people.

Having said this lab coats, nursing uniforms & scrub uniforms should be made equally comfortable and appealing. Blue Sky Scrubs have a good line of medical uniforms which are of high quality materials and craftsmanship. It's designed to be worn even without inner layers of clothes to provide the best comfort ever.

Walnut Squares

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Post Break: Tee Times

Cooking is one thing I love to do most to relax but I find some thrill with baking. Being quite meticulous with food has so much to do with my passion in cooking. Lately I've been enjoying baking simple cakes and breads and it truly takes my mind off things keeping me relaxed.

There are many ways to enjoy tee times whether alone or with people you love to be with. Don't waste summer,the warm days will be over in a month's time so it's perfect to be out and about doing other fun activities outdoors. How else should you spend your 48 hour tee times? Check out what has to offer to make your summer more fruitful and enjoyable.

Strawberry Cake

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Recipe books help a lot in making new desserts and recipes but it's more fun watching TV shows where they teach and show more ways to bake and more recipes to do. There's so much more to see and learn from watching and it makes the procedure easier too.

Having a handy TV service guide on the other hand is good in making decisions when it comes to TV providers. Those cooking shows can be viewed through direct tv with or
cable tv with Subscribing to any of these providers is a good way to get more channels that have cooking shows.

Brown Betty

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I love to cook. I also love to watch cooking shows, try new recipes, and have friends over for the event. There are many cooking shows I love to watch. I think my favorite though would have to be the southern cooking shows.

Being from the south myself, I can relate to the cooking methods, canning, and freezing of foods. My favorite southern cooking person would have to be Jack Daniels. I have one of his cook books and it’s fabulous. The recipes are outstanding and easy to follow. When I cook new recipes, I like to use the cook books and have my recipe come out looking just like the pictures. And if I happen to find a recipe on the internet, I try to do the same.

Cooking is an art. You have to love it to be good at it. Creating new foods, preparing the dish, it all comes into place perfectly when the food looks like the picture. When watching cooking shows my Satellite TV that I got from, the options are endless. There are so many different shows out there to choose from.

Fresh vegetables are better to cook with. They taste so much better than anything frozen or canned. It’s like the flavor of the food just bursts out into your mouth. I believe as long as you can read, you can cook.

Guest post written by Jenny Brower


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Looking for insurance provider in Connecticut? Check out Paradiso Insurance Services, an independent insurance agency who's in business for over eleven years. Paradiso carries all lines of insurance for investments, life, commercial, home and auto.

Connecticut home insurance, Connecticut auto insurance or Connecticut annuities are all offered by Paradiso. Being local of Connecticut, utmost service for your coverage can be expected. Flexible terms and rates are available to suit your desired coverage and budget.

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Are you insured and if not are you even thinking of getting some insurance coverage? What if something unfortunate happens and a great sum of money's needed to cover expenses, will you be ready for it?

Guardian insurance can help with your insurance needs. All of us wants to have the best life insurance possible to make sure your future will be financially prepared. It's not easy to get any financial support anywhere in times of need. This is where income insurance comes in handy, if by any chance you get laid off or have no longer able to work. There is also another insurance that's very important like the funeral funds nsw. Having this can make sure things will be handled good on an event of death. The beneficiaries can get the necessary funds without delay to be able to take care of the deals and obligations of the one who passed away.

We have no certainty of what the future can bring, being ready is something we can do to protect whatever we have.

Strawberry Cloud

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Post Break: On RepairPal

Cars just like the delicious treats that you see in this blog has the appropriate ingredients to make it at its best. For the sweet treats here we have the sugars, milk, cream, chocolates, fruits, flour and so. How about the cars? Cars have oil, gas, brake fluid, coolant... all those things plus proper conditioning and maintenance like oil change, wheel alignment, and brake job to have it work efficiently.

Having a well maintained car can further prolong its life span and work performance. If there are troubles make sure it must be repaired the soonest possible time. It doesn't matter if it's a high end model like Mercedez Benz, a monstrous truck like Hummer or any regular car like Acura TL. There are lots of repair shops all over the country to make sure your cars will be in tough shape. May it be in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento or Houston auto repair just bring it wherever possible. Every car needs tlc too.

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Mesothelioma, asbestos, and insulation... these things shouldn't be taken forgranted. All these three can be a silent killer and sad to say mesothelioma cancer can take a while before its diagnosed.

It's said that not only those who were directly exposed to asbestos can have mesothelioma. Many products out there may have been exposed or contain some asbestos particles and dust in which can possibly affect somebody's health too. Once acquired this kind of disease, medical procedures must be done such as chemotherapy, radiation and the like.
Having the rare kind of mesothelioma disease through the work environment you are in, you can file a lawsuit with the help of a specialized mesothelioma attorney. This experienced professional can help you fight to pursue all sources of compensation in which can later on finance for your medical procedures and so.

In choosing a mesothelioma lawyer make sure you don't go for those advertisements or endorsements. He or she should be caring enough to know your deals, have true compassion to pursue for your goals and of course an expert on this legal matter. That person will know best anything about the disease, procedures and most especially the financial aspect his or her client will face along the way. Be wise with your choice.

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Bombe Au Chocolat

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Strawberry Mousse

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Summer vacations are so much fun. We had a lot of trouble deciding where to take the kids this year. We looked on the internet using our hughes net connection and found a ton of great ideas. We finally decided on San Antonia, Texas for our trip. It is about a 12 hour drive so we could save by not needing to buy plane tickets.

One spot we wanted to see for sure was Sea World. We looked up their website and the kids got so excited just looking at what they had to do. We were able to find pictures and videos online to help us decide what to do when we arrived. We also were able to set a budget since we could find all pricing online for this part of the trip.

We were not sure what hotel we wanted to stay at when we got to San Antonia. They are all so different and tons of various prices. We spent a lot of time looking at different sites. We were able to see prices and find out what was available the week we would be in town. We finally made a decision based on pictures and price. We found exactly what we were looking for and stayed in our budget.

For the entire trip, I was also able to figure how much we would spend in gasoline. I figured miles to drive and average gas prices. This made it perfect for us to save the money for our upcoming trip. It all worked out great and we had a fabulous time! Using the internet to plan everything helped the trip to be fun and stress free. It was worth it!

This is a guest post by my friend Terry Wilson

Blueberyy Muffins

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Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer usually caused by exposure to asbestos. Most people who developed Mesothelioma cancer are those who worked in an environment with asbestos and inhaled the particles or somehow have been exposed to asbestos dust and fibers.

For those who are suffering from this disease don't lose hope. Take the time to read about Paul Kraus' moving story about how he fought the odds of his prognosis. There's no claimed definite cure for the disease but there's a man out there who survive and outlived his disease.

Strawberry Shortcake

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Strawberry Walnut Bars

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Summer Fruit Meringue

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Blackberry Ice Cream

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All About Desserts!!!

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