Chocolate Cheesecake

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Post Break: Scrubs

In cooking or baking we need to use an apron to keep our clothes protected from getting dirty with the foods. Some ingredients can leave a tough stain on clothes and you wouldn't want that nice top to be ruined with food stain.

Just like cooking & baking, in medical field wearing scrubs is a must. Medical scrubs can serve as a protective layer of clothing. It is very common to see people wearing scrubs not only in medical field but other institutions as well. Buying scrubs online in scrubs stores have cute and funky designs unlike the same old plain scrubs.

Winter Fruit Salad

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Katy Perry's hot and cold song is the perfect description of the weather we're experiencing here. One day it's hot and the next day it's cold. Last Saturday was very fine day with abundant sunshine then Sunday was a rainy and gloomy. One week it's nice and sunny then expect the next week to be cold.

It's hard to predict what can be the next day's weather unless you tune in the weather forecast and that's the most that you'll know. Those who are still having the last hangover of summer can still enjoy Myrtle Beach best hotels and book in Myrtle Beach hotel. Though beach isn't the ideal place for cool fall breeze, other places and activities like golfing & city stroll can be something fun to do. Engaging to outdoor sports activities can make cold days hotter than ever.

To see what fall and winter in Myrtle has to offer, check out Hot or cold, for sure there are activities which can suit your fancy.

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Real cranberry sauce

Growing up, when we had cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, it always came out of a can and stayed in the shape of the can until we sliced it. Then when I went to Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family back when we were engaged, I had cranberry sauce that was homemade for the first time. I didn't even believe that it was cranberry sauce at first!

Ever since then I've banned the canned cranberry sauce from our Thanksgiving meals. I thought that I would do something different this year and find a different homemade cranberry sauce recipe, so I used my Clear Internet Bundle to look up some recipes.

I found this great sounding apple cranberry sauce recipe that I'm going to use. It looks like it's just as easy to make as regular homemade cranberry sauce, except you add a little bit of apple into it, which isn't really all that hard to do. I think that it will be really neat and maybe some people that are still a little cranberry sauce shy would be willing to try it.

Guest post written by Janice Brown

What does direct tv has to offer compared to the traditional cable everybody used to enjoy?

Directv has been rapidly reaching the households for its more affordable rate than other providers. It has a larger number of high definition channels with more enhanced and clearer picture quality than the usual cable. The directv packages truly are very much tempting for those who are after more quality tv viewing experience.

Sports fans can enjoy more of the live game telecast whether it's internationally televised. Though this can be viewed also through the cable, sadly the prices for the sports subscription packages can be way higher than directv. Of course with the current economic situation, everybody would want to save more in every possible way while still enjoying simple pleasures and luxuries in life.

Spice Pears

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I remember the first time that I read Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle. I was 17 and in an English honors class. Up until then I'd never really been much for reading for fun. But that book changed after that. I think that since then I've read almost every book that the author ever wrote.

I was online the other day and randomly came across a mention of the book comparing it to some movie or TV show that's coming out, although I couldn't remember what it was called because as soon as I read that blurb I thought about how I hadn't read my favorite book in so long. When I was thinking about that I saw the site and changed my internet service to it after reading it.

My copy of Cat's Cradle is so old though, that I thought that I would do Kurt Vonnegut justice and buy another copy for myself just for the fun of it. Having something nice looking to read always helps a little too.

Guest post written by Jake Bell

Caribbean Bananas

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Post Break: Luscious Start

Every business needs some form of advertising to get it started. Just like what we did for our homemade chocolates before that we sold during the holidays and Valentines. It's hard to tell whether a business will be known just by letting it sit and wait til somebody actually discovers about it. Advertising agency can help with less effort on your part but rest assured your business will be broadcast to many.

Same thing with Luscious Treats, it took quite a good amount of effort to keep it going. At first I thought this blog won't even be recognized much by others but that proved me wrong. I am happy to share whatever I have here to all. For me it's such a pleasure to be in the kitchen therefore seeing how many people gets influenced here makes me feel happy.

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