New Years Eve TV is watching the ball drop in time square. Thanks to satellite TV from, I can see great performances and crowds all over the world. But oddly enough, my TV tradition started way back in the days when Dick Clark was THE man to see the year come in.

That year, my mother and her friends were discussing the beauty of Finland. The TV screen glittered with the lights and the movement of the crowds. They talked of ice cliffs and choppy blue-grey seas at the crowd said "Ten!" It was so close to the new year!

"Nine!, Eight!" ice clinked in glasses and the front door opened, a cool wind rubbing fast over my skin. A chilled breeze had my imagination me on the bow of a boat in the Northern sea, salty spray in my face.

"Seven!, Six!, Five!" brought me back to my living room... The breeze was real. My brother was home. Mom stood up and hugged him as Dick Clark opened his arms to show the size of the crowd... by "Four!" everyone was on their feet, welcoming my brother home from duty.

So this year, as it counts down to midnight, I'll be in my living room watching the ball drop in Time Square, hearing "Three!, Two!, One!" and happy to have my family safe at home.

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Gooseberry Fool

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The Nativity story is a gripping retelling of how Mary came to be the mother of Jesus. It depicts the town where she lived, and the day to day duties she had to perform before she was entrusted with the heavenly child. This movie even integrates how Elizabeth came to be pregnant with John The Baptist. It shows how John's father rejected a position in the church after having a vision of the two children about to be born.
My church group and I watch this movie every holiday season on the religion channels. It first airs shortly after Thanksgiving, but one can also catch a viewing of it shortly before Christmas. The high definiton and surround sound compatibility of my satalite specials and big screen tv, makes this moving movie even more heart touching.
Mary struggles with fact that her husband is not the father of her child. She is ostracized by her community and even her family. It is Joseph that ends up defending her and coming to love the child she is carrying. A compelling movie that demonstrates the difficulties our mother in heaven had with being vested with the blessing of birthing the savior of the world. Even beside the strongly religious undertone of the movie, it is one that every family would enjoy during the holiday season.
Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney


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Post Break: Keeping It Clean

It's very important to keep the kitchen most especially the working area clean to avoid contaminating our foods. Germs and bacterias can spoil foods which can make us sick. That's why maintaining a clean and healthy home is a must to better safeguard our health.

Do it yourself carpet cleaning can be a good start to remove all the dust accumulated in the carpet fibers. This is essential in taking away the dust allergens that will be flying all over your home. Though doing the cleaning yourself can be a practical option, having the works done by professionals can make things a lot easier for you.

The kitchen where food is being prepared is a more delicate place. Glass tile cleaning austin and ceramic tile sealing austin are the kind of works which will require more professional touch. Keeping it clean will make cooking and baking more enjoyable for anyone!

Eve's Pudding

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Post Break: On CCNA

Getting certifications and certain training can help you land to your dream job. Chicago CCNA & San Diego CCNA training program provides extra training especially designed for computer professionals who want to acquire specific skills to be able to configure, install and know how network systems work.

Cisco career certifications have five levels of cerification such as entry, associate, professional, expert and architect. Each and every position or level has corresponding protocol. The Virginia Cisco Course (Virginia MCITP) aims to train professionals with a deeper knowledge of networking systems. This trained and certified professional should know routing & switching, design, network security, service provider, storage networking and so.

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Post Break: Burberry

Berries are the things I think of when I hear to read the brand Burberry. It actually sounds yummy to me. At the back of my head it's like a luscious berry treat that I can eat.

Speaking of treats, as tasty as it sounds this brand is actually something that you can call a treat. Not the sweet and yummy type but something you'll feel so sweet about when you get it as a treat. Who wouldn't want the sweet elegance and style of Burberry?

Burberry has a wide selection of shoes for all seasons and occasions. It's time to give your lovely feet a sweet treat!

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

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During the past few years, I've found that Black Friday usually only involves major chains. So I've basically narrowed down most of my Black Friday shopping down to Walmart. It's just too much of a pain in the neck for me to spend all day hitting store after store and I've found that I can get most of the goods I'm looking for from there.

Last year I was able to pick up clothes, jewelry, baby gear, toys, music, books, electronics, home items, furniture, health or beauty essentials, movies, video games and sports equipment all from Walmart. Obviously, this diversity in goods brings about many more consumers and the place is pretty packed, but it's worth the time saved from not having to drive out to individual specialty stores. Since they leaked the ads early this year, I've pretty much already planned out which aisles I'll go through and in what order.

I went with my husband in prior years, but I'll probably make the trek without him this year so that my husband won't have to take the day off. My eldest daughter has offered to come with me, but I'd rather have her be at home to watch over the other kids. I'll probably only be gone for a few hours, but I plan on setting my home security alarm from either way just to be safe.

The article written by Joann Golden

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