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I am not sure how to handle my first child moving out of the house. When he first became a teenager, I thought this would be a happy day. However, now that it is here all I can do is cry. My son has always been precious to me and it is hard to imagine him being out on his own. I guess I should get use to it though. He already has an apartment. It is actually a great apartment and I would have definitely given it my approval, if he had asked. He did everything on his own. He found the apartment, he set up the cable, he went to to set up the electricity and he even set up an alarm service. He is making so many decisions and doing so well. I am proud of the adult he is becoming, but I just hope he will still need his mom. I know every mom probably fears being forgotten, but right now it feels much harder than I would have imagined. My son is independent and moving out and all I can think about is him being a little baby in my arms. I don’t think I will ever forget those moments. He will always be my precious, little baby.

Posted by Jonathon Murphy

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